If selected by the random computer process, the student must be promoted to the next grade as of the last day of the current school year.  Students required to attend summer school, or moved by chronological age, will not be eligible.  The student must be currently enrolled in school, must not have been suspended more than twice during the present school year, nor received a C, D, or E coded offense.  A strong academic background is recommended.  NOTE: 12th grade is not served by the Magnet Program this year.  Applicant must reside in the Mobile County Public School System. FALSIFICATION OF INFORMATION WILL LEAD TO DISQUALIFICATION FROM THE PROGRAM.

Student Details

*Legal Last Name

*First Name

Middle Initial

*Date Of Birth


*Primary Ethnicity

*Social Security #

*Grade Next Year

Note: Special Education services include students in the gifted program.

Parent / Legal Guardian

*First Name

*Last Name



Sibling 1 Social Security #
Sibling 2 Social Security #

 Sibling(s) should be enrolled in or applying for same magnet school as the applicant

Contact Details

*Street Address

Apt / Lot





*Magnet School First Choice

Note** If you are NEW to the Mobile County Public Schools - Select Private in the Current School Drop Down
*Zoned School

The ZONED SCHOOL is the school
assigned because of residence location.
(Do not use schools attended
because of approval transfer)
*Current School

The CURRENT SCHOOL is the school
at which the student is currently enrolled.

Date Of Application
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For assistance in completing this application or to make changes to a previous application, contact the Magnet School Program Office ar 251-221-4039.